Where is the place?

It is located in Menlo Park, CA. 15min walk to caltrain station. Details will be announced after reservation has been confirmed.

How can I get there?

The nearest station is Menlo Park. If the time matches, we can pick you up by car, so please contact us ahead of time. Services such as Uber and Lift are also available in the Bay Area.

Is parking available? Free parking?

Yes. You can park our drive way.


When can I book the reservation(s)?

We accept reservations 3 nights before arrival (minimum) and at least 2 nights.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. It is free up to 5 days from the time booked. If you cancel the reservation on the 5th day, the cancellation fee will be 50%. And 100% on the same day.

Can I use a credit card?

Yes. We have a payment system "Square" that is available if you want to pay on credit cards. You can also pay with cash and checks.

What time are check ins and outs?

Check in is from 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Check out is at 11:00 am.
Please contact us for other times (evaluated on a case by case basis).

Is it possible to stay for a long time?

Yes. Some guests are staying several months and over a year.

Is it possible to book with groups?

Yes. Other reservation situations are available, so please contact us

How about cancel policy

Reservation is completed when payment is confirmed.
In case of a change in schedule or cancellation of the reservation, please be sure to notify us 1 week in advance. And I will carry out a refund procedure. In this case, the transfer fee etc is paid by the customer. It will take up to 1 month to complete the refund procedure. Cancellation after 1 week break will be refundable up to 50% of the room charge. You can cancele within 24 hours after completion of settlement with reservation within 1 week from reservation. Cancellation on the same day can not be refunded for the day's charge. For reservations after the next day, we will refund up to 50%. It will take up to 1 month to complete the refund procedure.

Room Information

Is there any private rooms?

Basically it is a shared room that can accommodate 2-6 people in each room. However, if you use it in a couple or group, you can use one room as private as the same number as the number of people.

Is the room separate from men and women?

Yes. Basically we are separated by gender.
However, if you are using a couple or group, if you wish, the same room is also possible.

Can I smoke?

Although it is completely smoke-free, we have one smoking space in the patio.

Please tell me your amenities

Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap
We have everything we need at a minimum for our lives.

Please tell me about the shared facilities

Bath · Toilet
Laundry (laundry detergent, softener)
Working space
Tech Space
liquid crystal television
pool tennis court


Is there Internet environment?

Yes. Free Wi-Fi is available

Are meals included in the room rate?

All free. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge. Drinks include water, coffee, tea, beer and soda.

What kind of food do you cook?

The host was active in Japan as a cooking instructor.
Breakfast is fruit homemade bread or scone. Dinner is not limited to Japanese food. We offer international and variety of dishes every day.
We also have for vegetarian and allergies, so please consult us.

Can I send my package by courier first?

Yes. Please send within 3 days of your stay (check in date) as a guide.
I think it is smooth if you contact us in advance.

Is it possible to have my luggage stored after checkout?

We will keep your luggage on the checkout day only.

Are there convenience stores and supermarkets nearby?

Yes. There is a supermarket in the place 5 minutes on foot. Also downtown is a convenient place, it take 10 minutes by car to get there.

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